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How to Start


We really respect your privacy

  • We do not save your data
  • Your data is going to iCloud directly via HTTPS
  • We do not save your iCloud credentials, you type them on the iCloud page
  • Only you and Apple have access to information

Visit privacy page on Apple website

How to Start

Install in browser

Install extension for Safari, Chrome, Firefox browsers. After installation, click the send-to-phone icon. iCloud login page will open automatically, please login with your iCloud account.

Install on device

Install application on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from the App Store. Run application, it is needed to initialize notifications. Your can choose default browser for links and Apple Maps or Google Maps for map locations.

Click and Enjoy!

Open the web page and click the extension button. You will immediately receive a notification on your device. If not, run app on your device and make the "swipe down to refresh" gesture, it will pull iCloud. Please check that you are using the same iCloud account in the browser extension and on your device and that your device is connected to the internet.

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